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Rising from the B Team: A Lesson in Perseverance and Excellence

Back in 7th grade, I started a journey that surprisingly shaped my professional ethos in profound ways. It was the year I made the B team for football. At the time, the distinction between the A team and B team was a blur to me; I was just thrilled to be playing football. It wasn't until a conversation with my parents that I realized the B team was not the top tier. This realization didn't deter my spirit; instead, it fueled my resolve to play with heart, regardless of the label. I knew I belonged on the A team.

As the football season progressed, I transitioned into basketball season with the same enthusiasm and again found myself on the B team. This didn't bother me; after all, I was doing what I loved — playing sports. But an encounter with a peer, who pointed out that being on the B team was a permanent stamp, changed everything. His words were meant to discourage, but they instead sparked a transformative fire within me. From that moment, I committed myself to strive for excellence — not just in sports, but in every endeavor. (Eventually I would go on to be a division one athlete and multiple time conference champion, but we’ll save that story for another day)

This pivotal experience taught me invaluable lessons that I carry into my professional life at Nickel Hayden:

1. Never Settle for Mediocrity: Being placed on the B team taught me that initial setbacks can be a launchpad for growth and improvement. At Nickel Hayden, we embody this mindset by pushing beyond the norm and aiming for excellence in every project and client interaction.

2. Resilience is Key: The road from the B team to the A team wasn't just about improving physical skills; it was about developing mental toughness. The ability to bounce back from setbacks and criticisms is crucial in any professional setting. At Nickel Hayden, resilience drives us to overcome challenges and emerge stronger.

3. Growth Mindset: My journey taught me the power of a growth mindset. Believing that my abilities and intelligence could be developed through dedication and hard work allowed me to excel beyond the labels assigned to me. We apply this mindset daily at Nickel Hayden, constantly seeking to learn, adapt, and innovate.

4. Ignore the Naysayers: There will always be voices quick to point out limitations. Learning to tune out such negativity and focus on my own goals was a game-changer. In our business, this translates to focusing on our strengths and values, ensuring we provide A-team service to every client, regardless of external doubt.

5. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Even on the B team, the importance of teamwork was evident. Everyone had a role to play, and success was a collective effort. At Nickel Hayden, we operate on the principle that our team's unity is our strength, enabling us to deliver exceptional service and results.

In retrospect, the B team wasn't a mark of inferiority but a steppingstone to achieving greater things. It instilled a work ethic and determination that have been integral to my professional life. At Nickel Hayden, we strive to embody the A-team spirit in everything we do, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed expectations, delivering unparalleled service in our field.

The lessons from the 7th-grade B team resonate deeply within our company ethos, reminding us that every challenge is an opportunity for excellence. By adhering to these principles, we continue to lead and innovate, proving that with the right attitude, every team can be an A team.

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